something I got from my ex :)

him: hai cha. long time no see..

me: yeah, hai. so.. how are you?

him: I'm fine.

me: just fine?

him: and I'm married.

me: ...

him: with one child.

me: yeah, I've heard about it.

him: surprised?

me: curious, yes. surprised, not really :)

him: bet you saw that coming huh?

me: kinda. care to share?

him: share what?

me: share things about your marriage that make your smile seems bitter to me.

him: you see it huh? you always do.

me: unfortunately, yes. so?

him: well. I'm TWENTY ONE, icha. and my life's stopped.

me: oh please. if it has really stopped, you'd be like dead, by now.

him: you know what I meant. I had to leave college and become a father.

me: you chose this way. you regret it now?

him: yeah. I want to have a real life. twenty one is an age where boys hang out, make out, have girl friends, go to college, and enjoy their lives. not settle down in a house with a wife and a child.

me: you love her? your wife, I mean.

him: I do now.

me: what was that suppose to mean? you do NOW? you didn't? wait. you got her pregnant while you didn't love her?! what the heck?!

him: I know. but I do love her now. I really do. she followed me all the way to jogjakarta. she couldn't even manage to graduate on her high school.

me: she.. WHAT?! hold on. how old is she again?

him: a year older than you.

me: a year.. HUH?! you think you screwed you life? you screwed HER life even more!

him: yeah I know. she refused to abort. she said she loved me and she wanted to keep my baby.

me: bet she did. you're super gorgeous, man. you were like, the most wanted guy ever. your family's wealthy. what's not to love?

him: yeah. I always wish I didn't get her pregnant..

me: but you did. face it. deal with it, man.. she loves you and she gave you every single thing she had in her life. if you can't love her back, at least

appreciate that.

him: yeah I know. it's just.. ah. I keep on feeling sorry for this. for my daughter. and it's not right.

me: God has plans. you gotta believe it. having a family doesn't mean your life's stopped. you'll see. you'll move on.. take care.

him: yeah. thanks cha..


aku selalu percaya life with free sex does exist, tapi aku ga pernah nyangka aja, ada one of my closest circle of life yg juga menjalani hidup seperti itu. that was my conversation with my ex. waktu pertama denger kalo dia uda nikah dan bahkan anaknya uda lahir, I was like: WTF?! but then again, who am I to judge? kita punya hidup masing2 dan kita yang harus bertanggung jawab. aku juga bukannya ga pernah bikin dosa.

I'm not gonna curse anyone that do sex before marriage. whatever. itu idup kamu. lakukan apa yang mau kamu lakukan, but DO NOT DO SOMETHING YOU KNOW YOU'LL REGRET. kedengerannya simple dan banyak orang bakal "ya iyalah cha. masa kita bakalan ngelakuin sesuatu yg obviously wrong?" tapi yaa boookk. kalo nafsu uda di ubun2, you'll never know what could happen.

jadi saranku:

1. if you haven't done it up to today, AVOID FREE SEX as much as you could. apalagi buat cewek ya. pasti uda sering banget denger, tapi banyak yang belum bener2 ngerti. it doesn't give you any good. okay, mungkin pas 'on the go' sih enak ya, tapi entar2nyaa.. ugh. nothing. trust me.

2. if you did that already, DO NOT REGRET IT. bertobatlah (kalo bisa). jangan terus2an tenggelam di masa lalu. move on with your life. fix what was broken. papaku selalu bilang, hanya ada dua hal yang bisa kamu lakukan terhadap sebuah peristiwa buruk: menyesalinya, atau berdamai dengannya. jadi kalo kamu memutuskan berdamai dengan peristiwa itu, then just do it. let it go! jangan pernah menyesalinya lagi. tapi berdamai dengan free sex bukan berarti kamu bakal lanjut ngelakuin itu ya. NO EFFING WAY!

3. if you really, reaaaaally have to do it, well, DON'T. haha. seriously. I'm not that religious kind of person. tapi aku yakin ya, tidak ada agama yang menginginkan hal buruk terjadi pada umatnya. dan kalo free sex means bad things will happen to your life, like what happened to my ex's life, believe me, tidak ada agama yang mengizinkan. forbidden. super forbidden.

jadi, gimana para lelaki berumur 21? atau cewek2 yang punya temen dan sodara lelaki berumur 21? got the idea?

ah bukan cuma buat mereka, tapi buat semua orang.. got the BIG PICTURE, huh? hehe :D


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