gyaaaah. miss you all ;)

seriously. I've been missing for quite a long time, huh? haha

you might wonder why I decided to privatize (which actually has a completely different meaning) my blog. well, simply said, some people have been doing something unpleasant using this blog. so.. you know I'm not gonna let them win, don't you? haha

so here I am on a devastating looooong holiday to college. and I really meant that five o's. s.long. count it from THE national exams, it's gonna be like, three months holiday. bravo. well, at least I thought so..

here's what I've been doing to make this holiday suck a little less:

1. dating. booo. hahaha. hell yeah, I visit my boyfriend this holiday. and it's been great. we get to meet each other every single day. paradise. tellin'ya people, paradise!

2. social networking. you know. Facebook-ing, Plurk-ing, Twitter-ing. not to say that I'm all THAT into it. I don't update my status every five minutes or so, but I constantly visit those websites and read what people write in there. so fun.

3. ngerumpi-ing. haha. not exactly a word. that's a new website hosted by simbok venus and tante silly. you can post anything and comment to anything. you chat, you discuss, sometimes you debate. but it's so fun to meet this smart-wonderful people. they write awesome articles that could annoy you, tickle you, or big time, touch you in the deepest heart. it's a great great site. you should visit. and contribute. read. comment. publish ;)

so that's all for the welcoming post. hoho
I'm gonna sleep a bit earlier tonight. my bf's going off the town tomorrow morning and I want to see him off. wonder what I would do the upcoming days without him :(

see you around, peeps! mmwaaa :*

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